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Who We Are

Hello!  I’m Gabrielle Jassie, founder of Your Path Ahead Coaching. Welcome to my website!

What We Offer

I’m here to help my clients find their superpower of helping them find their own solutions.


As a spiritual coach, I have learned many techniques, and use them to help my clients.

Stress Management

As your coach, I will help you find your unique superpower that will help you help yourself!

Health & Wellness

I can help get you unstuck with progressing in your health and wellness journey.

Career Advice

Let’s create a step by step plan to achieve your goals and improve your life!

What Is Life Coaching?

Life can get complicated – or at least it feels that way.  A Life Coach can help manage the ups and downs that come our way by guiding their clients to help reach goals, make informed decisions, and live life to its fullest. Utilizing an array of techniques, a professional life coach can provide insights and perspective that we as individuals may not be able to see, ourlves.

Who Is Coaching For?

People from all walks of life utilize coaching to better themselves and to improve their day to day mental health and wellness. Anyone who wants to see growth in themselves while improving their strengths is an ideal candidate for life coaching. Whether it’s a desire to be more productive in your professional life, or find more balance overall, a coach could be the answer for you to lead a more fulfilling life!

What is The Process Like?

There is no one set path forward for the coaching process.  That is why our professional life coaches will work with you to best understand your needs and wants, and the hurdles you face to achieve them.

From there, we will create a custom tailored series of “Smart Goals” along with an action plan that will help you live a happier, more fulfilled life. For some, this process has a clear start and end, for others we are long term coaches – and confidants – to ensure you maintain the life balance and progress over the long term.

1. Let us conduct an introductory session

During your initial visit (in person or virtual!), we will learn more about you and collectively determine whether our process and coaches are best for you while providing a road map of next steps and the overall coaching process

2. Hold a discovery session

Once it is determined that our coaches are a good fit for you, we will take a deep dive to better understand the issues and challenges you face to help guide future sessions as our coaches determine what tailored approach will work best for your needs

3. Formulate a series of "Smart Goals"

Every process – and plan – should have goals in mind.  Life coaching is no different.  We will work to establish what goals and objectives you wish to achieve, using this as a guideway for future sessions and to measure progress along the way

4. Create an initial action plan based upon "Smart Goals"

Now that we know “where you want to go” the time has come to create a specific path forward to get you there. Our coaches will create a custom tailored action plan to enable you to meet – and exceed – your desired results

5. Conduct sessions, measure progress, and adjust as we go

The path for each of our clients is unique to their experience and expectations.  As we undertake a series of sessions based upon the action plan and smart goals, we will continually measure progress to ensure you are on the path to reach your goals, and adjust the action plan as needed along the way

6. Lift off to a better life!

Some of our clients work with us for a period of time and are in a position to move forward on their own. Others wish to retain ongoing sessions to ensure their life goals continue to be met, while their life fulfillment grows.  Each of us have our own paths forward, and our goal is to find the best one for you!

About Your Path Ahead

Hello Everyone! This coaching business is for disabled women ages 20-40+ to forge their own path to what they see their life as. The life coach has a warm approach for transformational change.

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