About Gabrielle Jassie

Your Path Ahead Coaching

Hello! I’m Gabrielle Jassie, founder of Your Path Ahead Coaching, with a Warm Approach to Transformational Change. Welcome to my website!

My Story

At a moment in my life when I needed a life coach, my life coach told me that I had the power to help myself and I want to now be able to give my clients the same advice.

I am uniquely positioned to be a life coach, having 23 certifications in all aspects of mental and physical wellness. The two schools that I am certified from are Spencer Institute and Life Purpose Institute.

As a disabled individual myself, I recognize that very few in the coaching and wellness industry understand having a disability, and from a women’s perspective with a warm approach to transformational change.


About My Offerings

Backed by Research

Research has shown that women suffer from the negative impacts of work, wellness, family, body image, social media, and time management. We are here to help you understand its effects on your life and wellness and to create a path forward toward a brighter future.

Why You Should Work With Me

As a 27-year-old disabled person, I am dedicated to helping women aged 20-40+ who are disabled, with a warm wellness approach to transformational change. My personal life experience, challenges, and lessons learned provide a fresh perspective to improve your coaching outcomes.

My Approach

I offer Life Coaching for disabled women who want to overcome a challenge, deal more effectively with stress, experience a spiritual journey or life transition, or want a step by step plan to achieve their goal and improve their life.

Now more than ever before, life has changed dramatically. People are experiencing problems with stress, lifestyle changes, weight management and overall wellness, having a significant negative impact on their quality of life.

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